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We are Farmers First. And Innovators, who Meet Challenges, Adapt, Learn and Share.

Hoverson Farms is a multi-generational farming operation specializing in raising premium processing, chipping and table stock potatoes, along with corn, seed canola, soybeans, sugar beets and wheat. Our 26,000-acre operation includes 5,400 acres of potato fields in North Dakota’s Red River Valley, a growing region known for ideal climate conditions yielding excellent quality potatoes. The rich, well-drained and rock free soil is nearly 20 inches deep, making for perfect plant growth. We are proud to partner with North Dakota State University’s research division by maintaining research plots for new potato variety trials. Our six state-of-the-art potato storage sheds keep our potatoes in top condition for year-round deliveries.

Carl Hoverson manages the operation with his two sons, Mike and Casey. They continue to expand the farming operation every year. Learning from every challenging circumstance, their combined efforts and dedication have made them leading experts in agronomy, irrigation, all things relating to potato varieties, successful rotation crops, and the business of running a large-scale operation. Carl serves as a Board Member of the United States Potato Board (USPB), and is past President of the Northern Plains Potato Grower’s Association.

Read more about Carl in this Spudman magazine cover story.

Hoverson Farms: An efficient operation providing premium potatoes year round.

We share the spirit of innovation with our Simplot partner to grow, store and transport our potatoes with great care.


Hoverson Farms Truck Loads

Full truck loads of processing potatoes are loaded and transported hourly from our farm to the Simplot processing plant.


Our Simplot Partner

Receives our potatoes for processing into French fries or potato chips.


French Fries or Potato Chips

Consumers enjoy French fries or potato chips from Hoverson Farm’s potatoes!

Conserve. Innovate. Produce. Evaluate.

We value conservation, quality, integrity, accountability, family and community. Our production methods, technological framework and business structure are organized to support our values. Innovating with care and concern for bringing quality crops to market involves a constant vigilance to improving the growing process, and a clear understanding of the entire supply chain.


Culture and Agriculture

Success is a form of art in farming. Success in planting and harvest seasons is equally dependent on Mother Nature’s cooperation as it is on the crew maintaining positive attitudes during the long and hard days. We make hiring decisions based on attitude as much as aptitude. Our crews work with us, not just for us, and we believe there is a difference.